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Internet infra development opens new doors

by Focus Malaysia, 17th August 2018

Malaysia’s internet space is seeing some exciting developments of late, which will possibly change the entire industry and create new opportunities that more local businesses can tap into.

“For us entrepreneurs, especially those in the internet space, we [have to] consider what can happen next, as well as the opportunities and businesses we can go into,” opines Aglotel Wireless Solutions Sdn Bhd CEO Joshua Chan.

Aglotel team in action

Faster broadband speed opening up new opportunities

There has been some reduction in the pricing of broadband access over the years. But all that may change soon if Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo has his way. In May, he announced his intention to ensure that the people can enjoy double the internet speed at half the price.

Participants of Aglotel Wireless Seminar

New untapped market opportunities will be made available with higher broadband speed

These developments to make available high-speed internet more cheaply are positive signs for local businesses, especially when it comes to sectors such as entertainment, digital construction, Industry 4.0, smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Entertainment companies will be able to utilise the internet to move from high definition to ultra high definition 4K, one of the latest in viewing technology that renders sharper images with more vivid colours.

Already, big players such as Astro have announced the introduction of the UHD 4K service by November or December.

Chan says: “With high-speed internet, imagine the amount of entertainment we can get, which will change the whole industry,”

Industry 4.0 and IoT, which also leverage on internet connectivity, would also address labour shortages and add value to businesses. A factory that has good internet connectivity on the manufacturing floor, for instance, could invest in automation and robotics in the form of automated guided vehicles. Not only would such automation transform it into a smart factory, it would also improve output and maximise resources as well.

As for IoT, businesses in the hotel industry could make use of robotic butlers to deliver service, which also requires internet connectivity. “IoT is definitely growing and with faster internet speed and cheaper broadband rates, it’ll definitely drive the industry faster,” Chan adds.

Aglotel team showing Altai Super Wi-Fi capabilities

Maximising Resources

It can clearly be seen that today’s businesses require internet access to remain competitive and tap into new business opportunities, but Chan says problems crop up when companies – especially smaller ones – leverage on internet technology despite a lack of domain expertise and knowledge.

He shares: “A key criteria for designing a successful WiFi [network] is good coverage. Obstruction will reduce coverage.”

Secondly, high capacity is required for content with high definition and quality, especially when it comes to companies that focus on entertainment as a service.

Chan also stresses the importance for companies to better manage their WiFi networks, which could be as simple as looking into aggregated data on users and point of connection and configuring the right fit, in terms of speed limitations and cybersecurity concerns.

“Finally, you need to look at who deploys the WiFi. You need a strong team to support that deployment since it affects whether you can or cannot deploy those applications ultimately,” he notes.

He adds that Aglotel Wireless Solutions and Altai Technologies would be a solid choice to deploy the latter’s Super WiFi solutions.

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