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Working From Home

Lockdown or movement control order by authorities has affected many companies to perform essential operations.

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But many SMEs are not prepared for this. Companies do not have remote working system ready to allow staff to remotely access to office servers, accounting system etc.

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A secured VPN (Virtual Private Network) is what they need to allow staff to remotely connect to office servers accessing files and documents but many are not equipped with this facility.​

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Here at Aglotel, we offer affordable Remote Access to your office servers using our AgloVPN solutions. Accounting staff can still generate invoices & delivery orders, sales & data entries. Sales personnel can continue to generate quotations and order forms, technical departments are able to access to technical documents, all these are possible through our VPN solutions for SMEs.

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Customer's Testimonials


"We installed the AgloVPN a few days after MCO. Our CRMs and ERPs are still the traditional internal network based type and not ready for cloud access. 


With AgloVPN and their flexible support, we were able to get our colleagues to remotely setup their laptops from their own homes and able to VPN into the office network.

We are able to work from home like as if our computers are in the office. Able to support our customers more rapidly. The connection has been stable."Adrian Lim, Managing Director, Hargrave Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

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"Linkk Busway Systems (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a leader in electrical busway. We have a strong team of R&D Designers and production staff based in Semenyih, Selangor. Our in-house Autocad Designers are tasked to work on various construction projects. Due to the Movement Control Order, our Designers who are forced to stay home are unable to access the office Autocad files and server. This has affected our staff productivity. 

Thanks to Aglotel and their technical team. Within the same week after implementing the AgloVPN remote access solution, our technical team can remotely access to our office's Autacad  systems. Besides Autocad, our accounting system can also be accessible by our finance staff remotely.

With AgloVPN, Linkk Busway System staff productivity remain strong despite the MCO. The connection from home to office is seamless as if we are working at the office."Ng Ban Hor, Managing Director, Linkk Busway Systems (M) Sdn. Bhd.

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"Nexus TAC is an organization established in Malaysia to provide ISO training and consultancy in all aspects related to ISO Management System. We installed AgloVPN during MCO and our team managed to access company servers while working from home ever since. Work efficiency has improved as now we can access to server as fast as we are in office. Prior to this we were unable to access our servers whenever we are outside the office.


Installation by Aglotel's engineer was prompt. It was completed right after we placed the order within the same day. What amazed us was the setting up of AgloVPN on our team's laptops was done remotely from their homes. Access using


AgloVPN is safe as the gateway comes with firewall and fully encrypted. Only authorized staff's laptops are able to access our servers." Danielle Tan, Managing Consultant, Nexus Tac Sdn. Bhd.

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"Paneltek Sdn. Bhd., a specialist in the supply of timber and wood panels for local and overseas market. Our commitment is to ensure continuous support is given to customers during this MCO period. As such, accessing to our company computer system remotely from home to do our job is paramount to ensure business continuity. 


Thanks to Aglotel's engineer En. Arif for helping us to set up AgloVPN. Our staff can now access to our accounting server to do billings and invoices from home. Overall,


We strongly recommend AgloVPN to SMEs who need remote access from home. The price is affordable and the team is helpful."Corrine, Finance & Admin, Paneltek Sdn. Bhd.

We offer various packages from basic startup of 20 users to other higher options with different selection of features and requirements for SMEs.

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