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Project References

Shipping Port & Logistics Wi-Fi

Container port is one of the vertical markets that have been employing wireless technology in their daily logistic operation. With the use of mobile data terminals, truck and quay crane drivers will receive step-by-step instructions of where to pick up and unload the containers from the logistic control server. We have successfully completed the largest outdoor long range Wi-Fi equipment for container port application in some of the largest shipping ports in Malaysia.

Wireless Backhaul

Wireless point to point backhaul design and deployment for the telecommunications operators and Internet services providers are challenging and demanding. It requires skillful and experienced engineers to ensure stable and optimum throughput of the radio performance. At Aglotel, we have completed more than 3500km of point to point backhaul projects, some of them as far as 60km per link. Our major customers are telecom operators, wireless internet service providers, state governments and multinational organizations.

Resort Hotel Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is the most important hotel amenities and services for every hotel and resort today. The challenges for hoteliers today is to ensure good connectivity and Wi-Fi coverage for the entire facility. Hotel Wi-Fi signal coverage is no longer limited just to hotel rooms. Good Wi-Fi coverage at restaurants, swimming pools, gymnasium, conferences halls and ballrooms is paramount. Our Wi-Fi solutions have been successfully deployed in some of the most challenging resorts nationwide some of which stretch kilometers in total length and coverage needed. 

Hotel Communications Terminals & In-Room Control

Aglotel is at the forefront in hotel communications terminal equipment manufacturer with more than 20 years supplying hotel telephones to some of the prestigious international and local hotel chains. Our products are reliable, easy to use and reflective of the brand values and style considerations. Our customizable hotel in-room control and connectivity switches enables hotel clients to connect their devices via USB, HDMI and Universal electrical adaptors.


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