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Wireless & Wi-Fi Applications

There is no one size fits all. Each industry has different Wi-Fi needs and requirements based on the nature of the business and organization size. Our customized solutions are designed specifically to meet different market segment. Discover our full range of wireless and Wi-Fi applications that meet your needs. Download our applications brochures or call us for more information.


Wi-Fi for connected warehouse and logistics industry​.

Industrial WiFi.jpg

Integrated wireless and Wi-Fi solutions for manufacturing industry.


Integrated wireless and Wi-Fi solutions for oil & gas industry.

Campus WiFi.jpg

Integrated wireless and Wi-Fi solutions for campuses.

Hotel WiFi.jpg

Complete range of Wi-Fi solutions for hospitality industry.

Public WiFi.jpg

Designing a sustainable and reliable public Wi-Fi service.

Corporate Wireless Network.jpg

Fiber-speed wireless backhaul solutions for corporate and service providers.

Wireless CCTV Surveillance.jpg

Fiber-fast wireless infrastructure for CCTV surveillance.

ISP Wireless Network.jpg

Delivering fiber-speed wireless solutions for Internet Service Providers

Enterprise WiFi.jpg

Enterprise Wi-Fi solutions for corporate or enterprise offices.

Shopping Mall WiFi.jpg

Leveraging on shopping mall Wi-Fi to create better shopping experience.

Wireless Replace Fiber Network.jpeg

Using wireless solution to replace fiber yet maintaining fiber-speed capacity

Knowing what applications and your business Internet requirements are important to find the right Wi-Fi and wireless solutions that enables good user experiences and uninterrupted Internet connectivity. Using the correct design of Wi-Fi infrastructure one not only saves your IT investment cost but also increases organization productivity with the right use of Wi-Fi technology.

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