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Carrier-grade Wi-Fi with the widest signal coverage in its class
Making fiber-fast fized wireless backhaul a reality, with bandwidth up to 1.5Gbps
  • This is an exclusive sales and introduction training for Aglotel Channel Partners
  • We will show how Altai super Wi-Fi and Mimosa could bring more value and save costs for your customers
  • We will also show we assist our channel partners to provide relevant support in ensuring successful bidding and implementation of your wireless projects
In this webinar you will learn:
1. Benefits of being an Aglotel Channel Partner
2. How you can achieve Gigabit speed with latest point-to-point Mimosa technology
3. How to save costs by using less Wi-Fi Access Points to cover an area from Altai Super Wi-Fi
4. Different industries' needs for wireless applications
5. How to propose Mimosa and Altai to your customers
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