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Broadband Internet with Multi-SIM Bonding

Outdoor 4G SIM Card Modem

Have you ever worked in an environment where the only Internet connection available is your mobile 4G network? There’s no fibre optic broadband service providers and you are expected to share the mobile 4G Internet with your office colleagues.

Can you still enjoy good Internet experience under this scenario?

When it comes to sharing 4G mobile data, most of us will switch on our handphone Wi-Fi “hotspot” function and let it tether. However, using your handphone 4G data as mobile Wi-Fi hotspot has its limitation:

  • Drain up handphone battery very quickly

  • Very limited number of users allow to connect to the hotspot ~ generally about 10 concurrent users or less

  • Very short range of Wi-Fi signal coverage ~ 10m or less

Dual SIM Card Bonding Broadband Internet Architecture


Unless our 5G infrastructure is in place and your mobile phone has the latest Wi-Fi 6/ax function, sharing Internet Wi-Fi hotspot via tethering may not give you a good experience. However, if this is the only option available, there are ways to work around this; by using MULTI SIM CARD BONDING modem routers.

Recently we have a client at Mantin, Negeri Sembilan who is facing this issue for years. There is no fixed fiber broadband service in the area. The only service available is Streamyx 5Mbps which they have been relying on for years.

Using Multi SIM Card bonding modem, the Aglotel Superb Team managed to increase the office Internet speed from 5Mbps to 80Mbps. The 16x increase in Internet speed gives them a whole new experience and needless to say; staff productivity and work efficiency improved by leaps and bounds.

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