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Mimosa Welcomes Aglotel as Newest Distributor in the Asia-Pacific Region!

DECEMBER 11, 2018

Mimosa is pleased to welcome Aglotel to Mimosa’s growing network of authorized distributors in the Asia-Pacific Region. Aglotel Wireless Solutions is a wireless solutions provider based in Malaysia. First established as a telecommunication and wireless solutions specialist in 1995, Aglotel now focuses on distribution, designing and implementing broadband wireless and corporate WiFi solutions. With their impressive 20 years of experience in the wireless space, they are considered a pioneer in their region.

Aglotel’s decision to offer Mimosa was based on a few key factors. First, Mimosa’s PTP and PTMP broadband wireless in the unlicensed market segment has one of the highest throughput capacity’s in the market. Second, Mimosa is one of the leading price performance leaders available today with the lowest cost per Mbps per subscriber. Lastly, another key component in the decision factor for Aglotel, is Mimosa’s ability to go beyond the congested 5 GHz spectrum with their extended frequency capabilities from 4.9 GHz to 6.4 GHz where available in region.

Aglotel sees a high demand for high capacity radios from the ISPs and Malaysian government. In fact, the Malaysian government is strongly advocating for ISPs to increase their Internet broadband capacity offering to the market – where fiber is expensive, fixed wireless provides an economical and quick-to-deploy solution. Please follow them on:

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