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Super Wi-Fi for Digital Warehouse Applications


The boom of e-commerce has mooted more and more warehouse and logistics operators to embrace digitalisation to improve its operational efficiency. The introduction of warehouse automation technologies like robotics, mobile real-time barcode scanners and automated guided vehicles has clearly improved customer service, enhanced worker experience and reduce human errors at the same time increased warehouse output capacity and efficiency.

CJ Century Logistics Sdn Bhd, a company under CJ Century group is one of the leaders in providing logistics and warehouse solutions in Malaysia. From storage of goods to shipping and delivery as well as inventory management, the use of technology allows CJ to offer one-stop logistics services to customers.

A high-performance and stable Wi-Fi network which provides reliable Internet communication for the smart devices is crucial. CJ Century Logistics has adopted the Altai Super Wi-Fi solutions for their smart warehouse.


Few challenges were presented during the initial discussion with customer in relation to the deployment of the wireless and Wi-Fi network:

  1. Coverage - Large area of Wi-Fi signal coverage is needed - Total area that need to be covered exceeded 17,000 sqm

  2. Obstruction - Steel storage racks structure preventing Wi-Fi signal to reach the distance required

  3. Space limitation - Limited space and permitted locations to install Wi-Fi access points as well as to lay fiber and cabling points

  4. High capacity - The Wi-Fi network has to be catered for both the current as well as future applications. Besides coverage, Wi-Fi capacity is also important.


With such a large warehouse area of Wi-Fi signal coverage requirements, CJ Century Logistics has selected the Altai Super-WiFi with smart antenna technology to address the challenges and fulfilling its automated warehouse digitalisation objectives. Only 12 units of Altai Super Wi-Fi access points are required to provide full Internet signal coverage for the entire warehouse area.

Despite the presence of steel structure storage racks, Altai Super Wi-Fi signal penetration is much larger than the footprint of any standard access point, therefore far fewer access points are required resulting in lower CAPEX and OPEX cost. Installation and commissioning were completed much faster.


With the Altai Super Wi-Fi smart antenna technology deployed in CJ Century Logistics warehouse that utilises much lesser access points giving strong signal coverage at a lesser cost, we are able to meet both technical and commercial requirements of the customer.

This project has exceeded customer’s expectation with the Super Wi-Fi network as the enabler and Internet backbone to house various warehouse automation applications both current and the future.

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