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Super Wi-Fi for Oil & Gas Applications


The oil and gas industry is now on the path to digitalization in-line with the growth of the Industry Revolution 4.0 realizing the countless benefits of applying automated operations. An automated solution can enable the industry to utilize digital applications such as central maintenance, remote operations, dynamic energy selection IOT sensors connectivity etc. to save costs and empower future developments.

Pengerang Terminals Two Sdn. Bhd. (PT2SB) is the phase II terminal of the Pengerang Deepwater Terminal development project in Malaysia. The terminal is jointly developed by Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS), Dialog Group Berhad (DIALOG), the State of Johor (SSI) and Royal Vopak of Malaysia. It is a significant construction to support the world scale PETRONAS Refinery and Petrochemicals Integrated Development project (RAPID).

To keep up with the industry's development, the management have decided to move forward to automation. For this purpose, Aglotel Wireless Solutions Sdn. Bhd. the distributor of Altai Super Wi-Fi in Malaysia has been tasked to design and implement the super Wi-Fi solution providing Wi-Fi coverage for the entire facility including the jetty area and storage tank farms.

In order to best serve the network's purpose and ensuring terminal's workers' safety, Altai access points for this project are fully ATEX certified for Zone 1 and Zone 2 environment. The project was completed on time with the quality and performance of the network surpasses customer's expectation.


Few challenges were presented during the initial discussion with customer in relationship to the deployment of this Wi-Fi network:

  1. Large area of coverage needed ~ estimate of 157 acres

  2. Hazardous and ever-changing environment

  3. Limited locations to mount the Wi-Fi access points

  4. Limited locations to lay fiber and cabling


With the Wi-Fi area coverage expectation to hit 157 acres, to most of the network equipment providers, the existing equipment can hardly over full coverage needless to say seamless roaming and limited access points are granted. However, with the Altai Super Wi-Fi smart antenna technology, only 33 units of Access Points are needed to cover the entire facility with 100% seamless network roaming.

With the addition of Altai C1n as repeater, the signal can even reach out to the inside deck of a very large crude carriers (VLCC) with 250,000 deadweight tonnage (DWT) docking at the jetty area.


With the Altai Super Wi-Fi solution deployed at PT2SB site which utilizes much lesser number of Access Points that our competitors' we are able to meet both technical and commercial requirements of the customer.

This project has exceeded customer's expectation with the Super Wi-Fi network seamlessly roaming between the base stations among the whole terminal area and high Internet connectivity throughput throughout.

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