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Super Wi-Fi for Teachers and Students

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Sekolah Agama Kerajaan Johor (SAKJ) is an Islamic education group directly administered by Johor Government through the Islamic Education Division of Johor Islamic Religious Department. SAKJ's objective is to provide free religious education to Muslim children in the state of Johor. There are altogether 578 religious schools throughout the state of Johor.

To improve learning experience among students, Johor Islamic Religious Department has initiated the use of Internet-based learning. A school Wi-Fi project was started to equip its schools with highspeed Wi-Fi Internet facilities for teachers and students.

Using Wi-Fi at school, students can quickly and easily share documents, edit presentations in real time, store project files in the cloud and improve teamwork skills. Equipping Wi-Fi facilities in schools also allows students to collaborate with peers from other schools as well as sharing and optimizing teaching resources and manpower.

Sekolah Agama Tmn Bukit Mewah, Johor Bahru


Fulfilling the Digital Education initiatives, SAKJ education Wi-Fi solutions are designed based on the following objectives:

  1. Interactive Education – From sending emails to conducting video conferencing classes, Wi-Fi in the school should be interactive allowing students and teachers to meet peers from other schools giving them more valuable learning experiences.

  2. Increase Engagement – Equipping Wi-Fi Internet facilities in schools will increase student engagement. Technology is a vital part of students’ lives outside classroom and it’s only natural to leverage it at school to encourage their participation.

  3. Personalized Teaching – Wi-Fi at schools allows teachers to tailor made lessons and presentations according to their students’ learning ability and needs. Teachers can customize topics through chats, videos and other online tools.


Few challenges were presented during the initial discussion with school’s representatives in relation to the deployment of the Wi-Fi network:

  1. Signal coverage – Full Wi-Fi signal coverage is required throughout the entire school compound including classrooms, teachers’ rooms, assembly area, canteen etc.

  2. Security – Wi-Fi security and management, students’ usage access policies, Wi-Fi monitoring and control to ensure no abuse of Internet usage is paramount.

  3. Users capacity – The use of tablet devices will be introduced in the classrooms. As such, high capacity of concurrent connection to Wi-Fi access points is crucial. The Wi-Fi design has to support large number of concurrent devices connection.

  4. Management – There should be a single Wi-Fi network management and NOC support to ensure fast response in providing technical assistance in case of downtime.

Wall mounted Altai Super Wi-Fi with directional smart antenna


With such a large area of Wi-Fi signal coverage requirements, customer has selected the Altai Super Wi-Fi with smart antenna technology to address the challenges and fulfil the objectives of SAKJ. The coverage of Altai Super Wi-Fi signal coverage is much larger than the footprint of any standard access point, therefore far fewer access points are required for the Wi-Fi network, resulting in lower OPEX and CAPEX cost. Deployment process can be concluded much faster.

Together with AltaiCare, a cloud-based network management platform and controller, all schools Wi-Fi access points can be monitored and managed on a single architecture platform to save the cost of on-premise controllers.

Classroom with interactive smart TV


With the Altai Super Wi-Fi smart antenna technology deployed in SAKJ which utilizes much lesser number of access points giving better signal coverage at a lesser cost, we are able to meet both technical and commercial requirements of the customer.

This project has exceeded customer’s expectation with the Super Wi-Fi network as the enabler to improve learning and teaching experience for students and teachers at Sekolah Agama Kerajaan Johor fulfilling its digital education initiatives.

Technician testing the interactive smart TV Wi-Fi connection

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