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Wi-Fi Talk

24th July, 2018, by SinChew Daily

How many hours are we connected online in a day? If we carry a smartphone which most of us do, we are connected to Internet almost 24hours a day.

In this article published by Sin Chew Daily on 24 July 2018, Aglotel’s CEO, Joshua and COO, Yoke Peng share their knowledge on broadband wireless Internet and Wi-Fi technology. We talked about: - Internet speed in Malaysia in comparison to neighbouring countries - The new Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Mr. Gobind Singh’s proposal to increase the country's broadband Internet Speed – what constitutes high speed broadband? - Most mamak shops and restaurants free Wi-Fi are unusable. Why? - How to prevent Wi-Fi congestion and slow Internet speed? - Understand Internet speed packages and manage your Wi-Fi to get the best speed possible - Types of Wi-Fi technologies available today

Link to this article: page 13-15

Why Wi-Fi is still an issue in most mamak restaurants?

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